Penny Patterson's 3-Part Message ( )

Posted On: February 26, 2010
Date Taken: December 26, 2008

Videographer: Ron Cohn

In this message from Dr. Penny Patterson, president, co-founder and director of research for the Gorilla Foundation /, Penny makes 3 simple points: 1) Gorillas have become increasingly endangered in Africa over the past 30 years, a situation that has caused the Gorilla Foundation to focus much of its attention and charismatic spokesperson, Koko, to saving the species; 2) a Preserve is needed outside of Africa, and the Gorilla Foundation is building one on the island of Maui; and 3) Koko's legacy will be best realized through cultural transmission of her human-taught language abilities to the next generation of gorillas, and through partnerships with zoos and sanctuaries, with whom the Foundation can share its 3 decades of interspecies communication discoveries for the good of both species.

Lesson: If we want to save the species (gorillas), we must act now, and utilize all of the help that Koko can provide.

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