Wish #0: to eat the cake

Wish #0:  to eat the cake

Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: July 30, 2006

Photographer: Ron Cohn

Koko is a normal gorilla in many respects, and "food" is one of a gorilla"s best friends. So, you can bet that one of Koko"s basic desires was to actually eat the cake. Here she is savoring her first bite, while Penny holds the candles.

Thank you for emailing us your best guesses for Koko"s top 3 wishes. Yes, most of you were right: having a baby (hopefully with Ndume), moving to the Maui Ape Preserve, and protecting other gorillas around the world, are her top priorities now.

Wish #0:  to eat the cake

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