Koko and Ndume, alone at last

Koko and Ndume, alone at last

Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: May 20, 2006

Photographer: Penny Patterson

Koko and Ndume finally got to go outside together after the rain subsided, and got busy instantly foraging for food treats (mostly greens and vegetables) suspended from various parts of the outdoor enclosure. They were somewhat competitive about it: shown above is Ndume hurrying to get the treats near Koko"s shelf. They also spent some time foraging on the ground together.

We are seeking a high-resolution color video surveillance system, so that we can continue to monitor the gorillas" health and mating activities, without physically disturbing their privacy. If you would like to support this important project, please email

Koko and Ndume, alone at last

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