Koko kisses her baby doll-and kitty doll

Koko kisses her baby doll-and kitty doll

Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: May 05, 2006

Photographer: Ron Cohn

If you look carefully (see inset of an earlier photo, in upper left corner) you can see that Koko is not only kissing her baby doll (aka "WaterBaby"), she"s making her favorite baby kitten doll (which is grey and looks an awful lot like her first kitten, AllBall) kiss WaterBaby. This virtual 3-way kiss makes it pretty obvious that other great apes (besides humans) can and do engage in pretense behavior (hard to believe some researchers don"t believe they can make believe).

Koko kisses her baby doll-and kitty doll

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