Koko"s Mouth Spray (and answer to "What"


Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: December 04, 2004

Photographer: Ron Cohn

Penny is administering a CoQ10 mouth spray (or is it KoQ10) to Koko"s gums, to help them continue to heal and as a healthy preventative after her gum surgery this past August.

This also explains why Koko was looking at her "Mouth Pain Chart" in the recent "What"s Koko Reading" Quiz (which is answered here). Penny likes to make sure that Koko"s gums are healing properly, and having Koko point to a level on the pain chart from 1 to 10 is a good way to be sure. Fortunately, Koko is doing quite well, thank you.

And thanks to all of you who responded to the quiz (via Most of you had the correct answer - which means you"re really paying attention and learning about Project Koko. That"s good news for Koko, her staff AND her species. Please stay tuned and forward KokoPix to a friend. We at the Gorilla Foundation appreciate it!


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