The Answer to Koko"s Toothbrush Quiz

The Answer to Koko

Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: November 03, 2004

Photographer: Ron Cohn

Once again you guys are too smart for us. The answer to the question posed with the KokoPix posted on 10/31/04 is: Koko uses her electric toothbrush for the following purposes: a) to brush her own teeth b) to brush her dolls" teeth c) to brush her blue party lizard"s teeth Most of you guessed dolls and toy lizards, while some guessed she uses her toothbrush to clean her dishes (not yet, but perhaps if we tell her NOT to). We"ll just have to come up with a more difficult KokoQuiz next time. Thanks for participating!

The Answer to Koko

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